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Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting Tips

Support Policy: Technical Support is limited to original hardware and equipment operating system software installed by Blair Technology Group. We are not able to assist with internet connectivity issues, software issues, printers, and other peripheral issues. You will need to contact your Internet Service Provider, the program or app support channels, or the manufacturer of the accessory.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped printing these discs as of Jan 1st 2014. We now include a restore partition on the hard drive of every computer we sell. Once implemented, the restore partition will reload Windows back to the default settings and clear all data that was stored on the hard drive. However, this will not protect you against a hard drive failure. It is always a good idea to backup your important files/documents to an external drive to prevent data loss.
These partitions hold your restore information for the restore partition. Do not delete or modify these drives! Doing so will prevent you the ability to restore the computer back to the default Windows settings. This feature becomes very beneficial if you ever get a virus and/or run into software issues.
All of our computers come with Microsoft Security Essentials pre-installed. This is a free anti-virus suite from Microsoft. If you prefer a different security program then make sure you uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials before installing another anti-virus. If you have two antivirus programs installed and/or running at the same time they will conflict with one another and could potentially harm your Windows installation
All of our machines are loaded with Windows 10 Service Pack One. However, Windows will need to install all of the updates since the Service Pack One release. There are five or six sets of updates that will run until the computer is up to date. The first set will typically be 100+ updates and take an hour or two depending on your internet speed. The other sets of updates are much smaller. After the software is completely up to date, you will only receive updates as Microsoft releases them, and this is typically once a month. Never turn your machine off in the middle of installing updates! This will corrupt your Windows installation.
We want our customers to have new keyboards and mice, however the manufacturer of the accessories could differ from the computer itself. As for the monitors, BTG utilizes several different brands, such as Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, NEC, etc. We receive our monitor inventory in bulk and the brands tend to differ with each shipment. However, any brand of monitor will work just fine with any brand of computer. Mismatched items will not negatively affect the computer's performance in any way.
This is usually a RAM related issue, where a stick may have become slightly unplugged during shipping. This is almost always easily fixed in a few seconds:   View Help Video

This is the result of an older driver being used, however it will still function normally. To prevent the error from showing up, try the following:


1.) Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete

2.) Select "Task Manager"

3.) Click the "Startup" tab at the top (You'll need to enable "More Details" at the bottom left)

4.) Locate "SMax4PNP" in the list, right-click it, and select "Disable"

With Windows 10, if you have forgotten your login password, you have a few potential options:


1.) If you set up Windows using a Microsoft Live email address, you can reset the password at

2.) If you set up an Offline account, you can use a password reset drive if you created one when you were previously logged into Windows.

3.) If the above two options aren't available, you'll need to reset the PC back to a factory default setting, with a fresh copy of Windows. We have a built-in restore method on all of our PCs (see below for instructions.)

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to reload Windows and start fresh, as if the computer just came out of the box, this method will allow you to do so: If you're able to boot to a Windows login screen, or the desktop, follow these steps:   View Help Video


To perform a Partition Restore, you'll need to first enter the Windows repair mode.


1.) While on the Windows desktop or login screen, hold down the right shift key on the keyboard, then click the Start button. Select the shutdown option, and click "Restart" while still holding the Shift key. You can release it once the screen goes blank.

2.) Click "Troubleshoot"

3.) Click "Reset this PC"

4.) Click "Remove Everything"

5.) Click "Only the drive where Windows is installed" (This is VERY important!!!)

6.) Click "Just remove my files"

7.) Finally, click the "Reset" button


If you're not able to reach the Windows login screen, you can use this method:


1.) Power down the computer completely, then turn it back on

2.) Once you see the initial Windows logo (Four squares with a spinning circle of dots at the bottom) Power down the pc entirely again. (Pulling the power cable will be the quickest way.)

3.) Repeat steps 1 & 2, and when you power on the PC again, you should see the same Windows screen with "Preparing automatic repair" at the bottom.

4.) Wait until you see the blue screen with two buttons, and click "Advanced Options"

5.) Click "Troubleshoot"

6.) Click "Reset this PC"

7.) Click "Remove Everything"

8.) Click "Only the drive where Windows is installed" (This is VERY important!!!)

9.) Click "Just remove my files"

10.) Finally, click the "Reset" button


This process will take somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes, and once completed, it will land you on the initial setup screen for Windows.


If you're not able to boot to Windows screens at all, the USB restore method will allow you to reinstall Windows.


Windows 10 Download Tool :   Download Here


Creating Windows 10 Restore Media (USB Flash Drive):   View Help Video


Reloading Windows 10 with a USB Flash Drive:   View Help Video


The first link will take you to Microsoft's website where you can acquire the Windows 10 Download tool, and the following videos will walk you through creating the Windows 10 USB Flash Drive, and the last video will walk you through using the drive to reload / install Windows 10.

1.) Click the Start button, then the "Settings" Icon (looks like a gear)

2.) Click the "Time and Language" Category

3.) Select "Region and Language" on the left side of the window.

4.) On the right side, click "English" then the Options button that appears

5.) Under the Keyboards listing, verify the only keyboard displayed is "US, QWERTY"

6.) If others are listed, click them and select "Remove"

To fix the "Mirrored Screens" issue and allow the desktop to be extended properly across both monitors:


1.) Press the Windows Key + X , and select Device Manager from the menu that appears.

2.) In this list, select "Display Adapters", right click the video card in that list, and select "Uninstall Device." Tick the box that says "Delete Drivers for this Device"

3.) When that's finished, right click any item in the list and select "Scan for hardware changes".

4.) Under "Display Adapters" you should see "Basic Display Adapter" or something of that nature. Right-click this, and select "Update Drivers" and then "Search Automatically". Windows will grab the driver from the Windows Update system, the screen will flicker a few times, then you should have the extended display and multiple-monitor setting options.

1.) Press the Windows Key ( ) + R to open the Run dialog, then type slui.exe 4 and press enter.

2.) Click the drop-down menu and select your country or region to find the toll-free number.

3.) If you see a message asking if you would like to allow this program / app to make changes, click Yes.

4.) Call the toll free activation number.

5.) Enter the installation ID numbers on your phone's keypad when instructed, and click "Enter confirmation ID" when ready.

6.) Enter the confirmation ID you are provided by the automated system, then click "Activate Windows"

7.) If activation was successful, you are ready to go, and safe to hang up the phone.

8.) If activation failed, you will be told activation cannot proceed, and will be automatically transferred to a Microsoft Activation Team operator who will further assist you.

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