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About Blair Technology Group



Our Start


In December of 2005, Andy Blair took the entrepreneurial leap and started his own company. Like so many American startups, Blair Technology Group started in a basement/garage. The only money the company had was a credit card with a $2400 limit. Since BTG was a one man show at the time, that $2400 would be all that was needed. Andy's business plan was to purchase computers out of the corporate world, refurbish them, then market them through the internet. He would deliver to his customers a rock solid PC at a low price coupled with outstanding "small town" support. This is still BTG's business model.


Prior to BTG, Andy had been working as a Computer Technician/Salesman for a "Mom and Pop" retail computer store. Seeing himself as more of a consultant than salesman, he loved helping customers find the right technology that fit their budget and use. Computers can be intimidating at times and it really helps having the right guidance towards an expensive decision.


Outside of work, Andy focused on his hobby of selling items on Ebay. For years, he had been selling random items from old Nintendos to car stereos to collectables. His experience with computers led him to begin selling laptops through Ebay. After several trials, he decided that the market was ripe with opportunity and he could potentially support his growing family with a new business. Through Ebay, he would use his "Mom and Pop/Consultant" approach to help people from across the country make the right computer purchase.



Growing Fast


Since 2005, BTG has relocated 4 times due to its rapid expansion. What started in an 800 square foot basement now calls a 110,000 square foot former historic Toy Store our home.


In 2009, BTG was looking to spread its wings, so they began offering their product on virtually every Ecommerce Marketplace that sells computers. This major effort would lay the foundation necessary for future growth. These additional sales would allow BTG to reach 5 million in revenue for the first time. With the strength of the additional marketplaces, our yearly sales would continue to grow each year of business. In 2014, we broke the $10 million annual sales barrier for the first time. In 2018, we cruised past $20 million with $30 million becoming extremely likely in 2019. A great leap from the basement days!



Extraordinary Partnership


In 2012, BTG was chosen to become 1 of just 20 official Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MAR) in the country. This ultra exclusive partnership with Microsoft gives BTG the ability to offer fully supported and licensed software products including Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office. Only the largest and most disciplined refurbishers in the country are considered for MAR partnership. With Microsoft's support, the business has continued to flourish. **2019 UPDATE, WE ARE NOW THE LARGEST MICROSOFT AUTHORIZED REFURBISHER IN THE UNITED STATES!



BTG Today


Today, Andy Blair still resides as CEO of the company, always pushing for continued change and innovation. He doesn’t do it alone though. BTG has a brilliant Executive team that equal his passion and dedication. His staff of just under 100 people is filled with All Stars that truly carry the load. Together, we’re proud to offer an unparalleled level of quality and service to those seeking a low cost computing solution.


Getting back to his roots, Andy opened a 5000 square foot retail store that will center around helping their local customers find the right technology at the right price. BTG's Tech Castle will offer a full selection of both PC and Mac products. The store will also feature a full service repair center with the ability to fix nearly anything electronic. To top things off, we will reopen a 30 foot birthday castle located inside the store that locals have visited for the last 50 years. Up until 2009, children across the tri state area would receive a postcard on their birthday that contained a "key to the castle".The children could use their key to secretly enter the castle and pick out a wrapped mystery gift. We’re now opening this for both children AND adults. Check us out at



BTG's Commitment


Plain and simple, we’re going to do the best job we possibly can. We stay current or ahead of eCommerce standards of performance. Ultra fast shipping, guaranteed product, great customer service. Why Choose Us?


  • We value you and hope to keep you with us forever.
  • We’ve been refining our refurbishment process since 2005. We continue to work hard to ensure that we create the best possible computer experience for our customers.
  • Prior to refurbishment, we completely erase the computer’s storage drive to Department of Defense Standards. This process ensures that the Hard Drive is completely blank and free of any possible files left behind.
  • To complete the refurbishment, we install a NEW Windows Operating System with the license direct from Microsoft. Having genuine software helps keep your computer current and save through continued Microsoft updates.
  • We typically ship your order within 24 hours and many items are delivered in just 2 days throughout the country.
Top Sales North America (USA) MAR Award 2019